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11 Mar

and i want to cross my arms

like an insect’s legs across my breasts;

and solder my hoodie

to my exposed skin

for the first time in three years.

and for the first time in three years,

my body is not

lofted by wings, but rather

a dessicated husk

with its hairs on end.

i’m different, because i build the cocoon

and fold my skeletal legs across my thorax

inside of it

and don’t bloom.

i was already a butterfly.

now, i am

an exoskeleton

filled with rot.

new symptoms bloom on my skin,

lilke bot flies.

quit laying your eggs

inside of me.



11 Mar

this isn’t about revenge, and i’m not out to

prove something.

this is about me, and my journey,

and my sorting through my

maze of scars,

so i don’t use his name.

i won’t say this to your face,

because however unassailable i am,

i am afraid most of all that you will still assail me.

but did you

10 Mar

it sickens me to think

that you could have


a damned thing

10 Mar

we hugged,

last time i saw you.


what would i say this time?

i would say that i don’t

have to justify

protecting myself from you.

i wouldn’t say a damn thing.

I won’t shake your hand

10 Mar

because i’m no longer deluding myself,

and now it horrifies me thinking about

what you were doing to me

behind my back.

fifth flag Jesus

24 Feb

(a Swype poem)

Highbury knockdown, hubbub and ivy –

Rigid hush weights undid tufts,

Haughty Judas gagged only dovish knights

Divulging Bach and Elvis inks,

High gusts fuck sixth dying lockbox lights.


14 Nov


my loving father, ‒

who claimed no authority

‒when my mother lamented

at the ones

in the congregation

who lay guilt on her

for not driving to meeting

through the drifts of

heaping , slicking snow

told her,

just tell them

your husband

said no.

an answer

that they dared not question.