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2 Jun



the dark of the sea.

she breathes,

her gill slits undulate –

– in toward her ribcage,

out with a release of water

that quietly rejoins the sea.

she breathes the dark.


the dark

that glides as she does.

the dark that sheathes her movements,

embraces her snaking form,

synergetic –

– body glissading through

the dark of the sea.


the dark

that sustains her,

hydrating her cells

as its elements branch through her –

– infinite web of infinitesimal rivers.

nourishing her thirsty frame

from tip to tail,




she never thirsts.

her life force is always around her.

it envelops her.

she cannot escape

the dark of the sea.


the dark,

the danger

of their symbiosis –

– the inherent risk

of living in the sea,

the dark

of the sea.

its roaring majesty,

its swarms of predators.

the nets that trawl

the sea-sand floor.

it is her life,

it is what she was made for.

her fusion with her ecosystem

is immutable.


without end.

she is bound

to the dark of the sea.



10 Mar




i thought

i saw

a lion

in the sea.

he stretched

and yawned,

and jumped,

and roared at me,

his mane

a line

of frothy


sea foam,

and then

he broke

and ocean

called him home.