bara boy (excuse me, *man*)

1 Aug

you said that people

often call you feminine, and that you

consider it a compliment,

because you don’t like super masculine guys

and you said that perhaps that’s why

so many of your closest friends are female –

but that you have no girlish giggle.


he said

that he “outgrew that phase”

because he likes bara too much,

and asked me why i like feminine guys.

i have never asked him

why he chooses to be masculine,

or why

he now prefers

guys with biceps and hair.


i like bara, too, you know,

but also yaoi.

i think that there are many types of beauty,

and so i also enjoy yuri.

he doesn’t understand that.

he thinks it’s binary.


i don’t see why

it has to be a question

why my preference

has to fit neatly into

an equation –

sound reasoning + libido

= acceptable attraction

when did i ever make him explain?


maybe that’s why he doesn’t “like” you.

not because you’re short, but because

you don’t represent

the embodiment

of krindl the bara goblin, too.


so must i also justify

my shaved head and single earring,

and my decidedly unfeminine swagger

in my men’s size six combat boots

and violet lipstick

– or is it only


that is such an affront

to the bounds of his comprehension?

am i a question, too, or only you –

or is it an accusation?



for all he tries to prove that it was

just a

phase, i’d still peg him as gay

within a day,

because i guess you can’t

hide your true self

too well,

(and i should know, i’ve


or pretend that your internalized

phobia(hatred) of being feminized

is fully true.

i just wish he’d

stop acting like the type

who might judge you

for being you.


who seems to judge me

for who i am,


One Response to “bara boy (excuse me, *man*)”

  1. I of July August 3, 2015 at 9:59 am #

    sound reasoning + libido = acceptable attraction
    great equation 🙂

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