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5 Oct

I like details. I like them a lot.

I hate the idea of potential miscommunication. I hate it a lot.

I dislike any sort of

ambivalence. Or ambiguity.

or possible


or potential miscommunication

or misunderstanding.

I think you get the picture. I’m very particular, and very meticulous.


but not concise.

I like clarity, but I struggle

with the thought of disparity

and dichotomy



I’ve been told I overcommunicate

and overdescribe

and overthink things

to a ridiculous degree

of analysis –


I’ve been told I overanalyze.

There must be nothing uncertain,

so I include everything

that might be pertinent

or adjacent

or kind of relevant

or parallel

to the point

or the core

of the idea

of the discussion.

My presentation can be loquacious

because I’m so pertinacious

and tenacious

about accuracy

and complete communication.

As a child

I’m told

that if you wanted the real story, you could go

to me

because I would recite the entire


for you

without summation

with perfect dictation

a rote imitation




leaving nothing

to interpretation.

I still do that.

I’m attentive to detail, meticulous, obsessive,


illustrative, articulative, overanxious


compulsive, loquacious


and a little bit anal.

I have to include everything.

Without fail, 

you’ll get the picture.

Or I’ll die trying.



1 Oct

To mark the approaching Columbus Day.





In fourteen hundred ninety-two,

Columbus sailed the ocean blue

The natives died at his own hands,

and his men destroyed the virgin land.

He raped the women whenever he pleased

He brought the natives to their knees

Once ousted as governor, now idolized

Held on a pedestal before whitewashed eyes

His men could not deny his crimes,

yet his saga stands the test of time –

And so today we celebrate

The legacy of Columbus the Great.

“As a result of the sufferings and hard labor they endured, the Indians choose and have chosen suicide. Occasionally a hundred have committed mass suicide. The women, exhausted by labor, have shunned conception and childbirth… Many, when pregnant, have taken something to abort and have aborted. Others after delivery have killed their children with their own hands, so as not to leave them in such oppressive slavery.”

-Pedro de Cordoba, in a letter to King Ferdinand, 1517.